Just a Kid. Newest addition to the Rie Charles family, October 2019.

DSC_9931 (1)     One morning nine year old Meerin Hoy looks out her window to see  the field across the street where all the kids and neighbours play is slated for a housing development. Now where will all the kids play? What will happen to the trees and animals and creek? Meerin is determined to change. But how can she when she’s “just a kid”?


A Hole in My Heart. At bookstores near you!

9781459710528_COV-1 1It’s 1959 and twelve-year-old Nora is sad and soggy as the weather in her new west coast home. Her mother has just died, her father has grown distant and no one likes her at her new school. When Nora learns that her favourite cousin, Lizzie, is about to have risky open-heart surgery, she wonders if her family will ever feel whole again and if she can find the courage to mend her own broken heart.

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No More Dragons.

How do you turn an upside-down life right-side up? Thirteen-year-old Alex is afraid, afraid of his dad, afraid of kids at school, worried about his sick brother and, most of all, angry at himself for being a wuss. How can he make his life different, become a new person that people like? I’m writing because it’s starting to get to me. Plus I need to tell someone, begins Alex. Through letters to his only friend, Alex breaks his solitude and confronts the truth. As courage and wisdom gradually build, he gains the confidence to confront his own dragons.

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Tattoo: The Painted Horse.


The story of TATTOO: the Painted Horse was inspired by a true story of a vandalized horse, a piece of public art placed in a park for children. Marilyn Dyer created the images of Tattoo, a symbol for the voiceless and vulnerable. Through this collaboration for young and old, you are asked to remember that all of our actions impact those around us and violence hurts everyone.

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