There is a lot of waiting in life. We wait to make appointments. We wait to hear back from publishers. We wait to talk to Telus because our Wi-Fi connection has disappeared. We wait to hear from our children, from earliest conception to birth and beyond. We wait for the book we ordered from the library and for that fancy dairy-free “cheese” the grocery says they’ll bring in.

But I’ve had too much passive waiting. So I’m trying to think of waiting as a positive act. Like wow!! It’s coming. Great. Excitement. Energy. Yea. If not today, ah well.

Currently, my patiently positive waiting energy is aimed at the arrival of Just A Kid, not just any kid, but my latest book. First it was to be September, but don’t count on it, I heard. I chewed my nails and my other writing fell away with the bits of nail. Next was October, but there’s been a delay. My stomach clenched so I re-read Manuscript Makeover by Elizabeth Lyon. A very positive step. Finally I arranged my “launches” for the end of November. My stomach unclenched. No headaches. No nail biting. You’d think I’d have remembered from previous children and book birthings.

And so I give a big sigh. Yea.

Just A Kid will be born soon.


I can wait.