Writers read, and read copiously. I am no exception. It is rare that I review a book. I don’t understand how some seem to review nearly every book they read. For me, any “free” time is precious and that goes to reading. However, today I make an exception. And not because I am not busy.

The back of the cover the YA book “Grounded” gives a very good summary of Sheena Wilkinson’s novel, “Grounded”.

“Declan loves Seaneen, but his desire to work at a top showjumping yard is stronger than anything he’s ever felt before. So when he’s offered his dream job in Germany, he should be thrilled–not terrified. Declan finally gets the chance to leave his dark past behind him and start anew, but leaving Seaneen becomes much harder than expected, troubled hoodlum Cian won’t leave him alone, and when he finds a traumatized horse in a derelict barn, he knows he has to help her no matter how scared he is….”

While this is a very well written, character driven book, it is the structure that I particularly like. The three parallel through lines (the relationship to Seaneen, Cian, and the horse) deal with similar issues but with different outcomes and give depth and richness to the story. No wonder it is the winner of the 2013 CBI Book of the Year Award.