Revision is quite the journey.

I have always done a lot of it—the kind of author who splats it all down and then revises and revises and revises. But, at this point in the process and with an editing program, it works differently.

There is the detail of specific deletions and insertions. Did I cross out only the ir in their so that the remains..etc.? Then I move a line to earlier in the paragraph. The original  stays put, but with a slash through it, while the crossed-out version shows up earlier in a deep blue…etc. With pages and pages of such deletions and insertions it is difficult to read to find the flow. To say the least.

All this to say, after days and days of this, my eyes and mind tired of the complications. I sent this version back to the editor, hoping he can accept or reject my changes and in the process clean up the cross-eye making mess.

And so I wait.

And get a chance to work on a different manuscript which is in the complete makeover phase. Yea. Another type of revision, another and much bigger type of frustration.