Generally stories of modern day youth finding themselves in another era do not appeal to me. Why? Usually becomes some things do not ring true. But White Jade Tiger captured me from the beginning.

Jasmine’s mother dies, leaving her of course devastated. Then her father’s job takes him away and she has to live with her aunt. More loss and disruption for the 12/13 year old. Shortly after, her class has a school field trip to the local Victoria China Town. As Jasmine explores, she inadvertently passes through a doorway into the early 1880s. There she helps her new friend, Keung, search for a white jade tiger amulet. This search takes them to the Fraser Canyon, the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway and a satisfactory conclusion to their adventure.

Never once did I feel the story farfetched. Julie Lawson’s historical descriptions are detailed and convincing and the developments in the story line equally convincing—including the final twist.

This is a reissue of a good book for middle grade readers.