While I normally promote Canadiana, I just read Kass Morgan’s book “The 100″and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

It is a fast paced, post nuclear war novel for young adults in which a small population of humans has survived for 300 years in large space ships away from the radiation. One hundred juvenile offenders are sent back to earth to test its habitability. How will these teens survive? What are the secrets that colour their lives?

But what I found most interesting was the structure. There is a rule in writing of not using too many flashbacks as they slow down forward momentum. This rule is thoroughly broken. In fact almost every chapter has a good sized flashback. But in this case the pace of the novel is so fast and the time frame so limited that the flashbacks serve to elongate the tension.

At the end of the novel I realized this had to be the first of a series. And yes, Google tells me there have been three others and a TV adaptation. Out of the loop, I am. Nevertheless it makes for a good read.

I wonder if the author continues with the same flashback structure and whether it works as well in future novels.