Another week, another blog post on my writing process.

There are always up days and down days and inbetween days, so they say. This week, as far as writing goes, has included not just one down day but a whole week of them. No writing. None. Nada…. partly because of the death of a friend and the days before leading up to that time, partly because of rehearsals and dress rehearsals for our upcoming concert of Annelies, and partly because I am not sure that the behaviour of one of my characters matches the motivation.

As for writing, I know this up-and-down-ness can be part of the process. There are invariably doubts and interference…but really? This many?

Today the library for some unknown reason has spat out eight previously on hold books when I did not request them. Funnily, three relate to other manuscripts I have in mind. Is this a sign?