Yup. This blog is boring. It is about one writer’s process. And most of what a writer does is edit and re-edit which to a reader must be boring.

Editing even for the writer can become boring too sometimes.

But there is an especially exciting thing about editing for me. That’s watching the characters grow and deepen. Does that sound odd? Not for me. With every round of editing I find out something new about a character. S/he tells me something more about themselves. The difficulty is that that change probably affects actions and, of course, reactions of other characters. And so the editing process goes on.

Could I be more organized and draft in detail all of a person’s characteristics at the beginning before starting to write? Yes and I do try. But there is always more to reveal. And there is a seduction in that part of the process.

Does this go on forever? I wonder.

Or is this just a good way to procrastinate re trying to get something published. I wonder about that too.