The week has flown by and what have I done?

At least I can say that every day I worked on my manuscript–two hours at least. That doesn’t sound like much but editing, checking word for word, wandering around the house reading out loud, stopping and pencil circling where my tongue gets tied, takes effort. In fact it takes a lot of focussed effort. I do a several chapters a day. Then I go to the computer, reread the edited chapter(s) from the day before and enter new changes from the present day, meanwhile still re-reading and re-editing, continuing to look up in the thesaurus for hopefully better words.

What I did differently this week was not how I edit,  however, but how my editing fits into my day. With a great deal of discipline I did not go on the internet/email until late afternoon. I have found (no news to most) that answering emails sends a million distractions. By late in the day my tired fingers find the delete button more quickly and I go madly off in fewer directions, especially if supper is on the stove. Not burning it is vastly more important than the latest video on sink holes.

Speaking of sink holes, that’s what emails can be–sinkholes in creative life.