Yes, I am still reading from the hard copy of my manuscript and that will be for quite some time. My process is to speak the words and sentences to myself out loud. At the slightest hesitation I reread, checking what it was that made the lines not flow well.

After a week of this I am still on the first few chapters. (It does not help that it is tax time.)

Why is editing so much more thorough on paper as compared to on the computer? My first page which I had gone over many times previously now has scratched out words, arrows with additions porcupining in all directions, a paragraph circled and put in a different place, suggestions starred in the margin for later inclusion and the inevitable typos. So why did I not see them before?

I believe it is because the computer gives a gloss of perfection, an impression of slickness that could not possibly need changes.

But of course changes are needed. So I carry on.