Last week I was editing on my computer that part of my manuscript which was from the point of view of Bronwyn. There were major revisions. Wednesday of this week I completed that process, having reread each of the majorly revised chapters several times.

So what next? Do I go back to the other character again? Do I read both together? I decided on the latter but with a difference. I would read from a hard copy, something I do several times over the course of revision.

I find I read completely differently on paper than on a computer screen. I notice more. Perhaps I notice more because the written words on a paper page physically look  different to me. I also hold the pages in my hands, scribble deletions and additions, even flip to another part when a sudden insight suggests something “brilliant”.

Surely I could do that on the computer. Yes and I do. But not as easily and not as thoroughly. Whereas the computer zones me out and before I know it I am pages beyond where I stopped working carefully, reading on paper keeps me more grounded to the copy, so that I analyze line by line.

So far I am only several pages in and many scribbles later. It will take a while, but will be worth it. I hope.