Still sick with this %$#%$# flu/cold, I have done little workwork this week. However, I did participate in an online webinar on writing from Balboa Press by Donna Hatch which turned out to be (to my surprise) useful. I am already pretty aware of most of the points she made, but there were a few new-to-me editing tips which I appreciated. These suggestions are particularly well timed for me as I am (or should be) deep in revision.

You will hear in detail about this editing process in coming weeks as my pathetic first draft definitely needs more than just the elimination of weak verbs like was and seemed.

The other process related ah ha moment I had (or re-had) this week was, once started, how important it is to work every day, weekends included. If I don’t it takes me sooooooo much longer to get into the manuscript.

Now back to the couch or the bed.