One of the delights of writing is that reading the genre you write is heartily encouraged. So, while my analytic energy because of the aftermath of flu is not up to deciding what words/paragraphs/ideas to delete or not from my current manuscript, I can still read. Therefore I can argue that I’m still working–sort of. Reading in the genre is part of my process, any writer’s process.

Told in flashbacks, Faerie by Eisha Marjara is a candid and sympathetically drawn YA novel about anorexia. Lila, a chunky brown kid growing up on the Prairies in the 1980s, does not want to become an adult, at least an adult like the ones around her. Life (and the passage of time?) seems controllable by restricting her caloric intake. When her weight becomes dangerously low she is admitted to hospital as a psychiatric patient.

A great novel for teens, girls especially. It is complex and believable. I give Faerie four stars.