When I wrote last week’s blog (yes 3 weeks in a row, but who’s counting?) I had in mind describing the editing process I would be going through this week. Except the editing didn’t happen. The flu hit and is still tugging at me.

Today, still weak and tired and achy, I force myself upright to get a blog written before my self-imposed deadline. I can’t break my New Year’s resolution yet, can I? Here goes.

I learned something in almost a week of non-writing. Yes I still believe it is important to write everyday. But if you can’t and must lie there to heal, then listen. My brain (yours too?) chatters continually. Under normal circumstances, much of what I hear is negative commentary on me, so I spend energy pushing it away. Surprisingly, at my fluiest and foggiest, that normal negative chatter is gone. In its place is a stream of creative meanderings.

I now have two new ideas for stories. Whether those ideas become anything more than ideas is irrelevant. It’s that I listened and found them. And maybe I’ll find that creative place again without the flu as a necessary bedfellow.