I only review books I like.

Over the last few months, as usual, I have read a lot—adult and YA and middle grade. They stack up beside my bed and I read them every night, especially when I am sleepless. But as you can tell not many made the to-be-reviewed grade. The latest, The New Normal by Ashley Little (Orca 2013), has.

It’s a story of loss.

Tamar Robinson’s twin sisters have died in a car crash and her whole family are reacting to their deaths, each in their own way, for good or not so good. Tamar is determined to get on with life but her body doesn’t cooperate: she loses all the hair on her body. Embarrassment. Rage. Regret. It all figures in.

This is a poignant, even sometimes humorous, study of dealing with life’s incredible difficulties and, with tenacity, finding a new normal.