At a time when Teacher Librarians are being cut in the school system (for example, the Richmond BC school board), I want to celebrate their work.

This morning I had a phone call from a teacher librarian at an elementary school. She had spent the last many weeks reading No More Dragons to a group of grade 4s and 5s. According to her the book raised many questions for the students and great discussions followed, including disclosures of parental separations as a result of abuse. She said the students have written letters to me, many of which are poignant revelations. I look forward to reading them and responding.

The point is, however, without a teacher librarian this might not have happened. There might not have been the time or the psychological space in the regular classroom to encourage this deep connection with characters.

But this is why we all read: to connect with characters, to understand, to have hope that change is possible. And this is why I write, that maybe even one young person sees something in the story that resonates and encourages her/him to think, understand and grow.