Had a wonderful Sunday afternoon participating as a model in an Ivan Sayers (the amazing Vancouver fashion historian and collector) show titled “I can’t believe she wore that dress”. It was raising money for a scholarship for women at UBC Okanagan sponsored by the Canadian Federation of University Women-Kelowna.

First, it’s great to volunteer for a good cause.

Second, I have never been a clothes person. But the information, the material, the designs and even the undergarments over the years were utterly fascinating. It was such an honour to wear the vintage clothes.

Third, what was incredibly obvious to me and what others have known for years is how much each dress changed how I felt about myself. In the 1924 mother of the bride dress, for example, I felt powerful (something I am not used to feeling).  Interesting. Scarey?

Ivan Sayers' mother of the bride vintage outfit

Fourth, it definitely expanded my horizons, pushed me to do something I’ve never done before.

Fifth, I had fun.