Today I received a gift of a book from a friend (Thanks, Tina): This and That. The Lost Stories of Emily Carr, edited by Ann-Lee Switzer. Emily Carr had intended to call this collection of stories “Hundreds and Thousands”, with reference to the tiny, multi-coloured candies. She writes (p. xii):

“A plain brown cake is good enough but an iced cake with Hundreds and Thousands over her snow is something beyond good enough. The gay little nothings, the Hundreds and Thousands, have transformed it. It is the same in life, even a life which we thought has been drab while we were living it; if you look back and pick out the little events nearly forgotten, you find, that each has touched you or teased you or did something funny which had helped to make life interesting, crunchy, sweet, delicious.”

Finding the “gay little nothings, the Hundreds and Thousands” in our day to day life is indeed transformative, whether it is in the rosy cheeks of an oncoming walker, crisp fall leaves underfoot or sun streaming through tree branches.

I like the image for writing as well. I hope my stories can/will be beyond “good enough” and act as Hundreds and Thousands, to transform the lives of us, the ordinary and everyday reader, for even a moment, an hour or a day, into something “interesting, crunchy, sweet, delicious.”

A perfect "Hundreds and Thousands" day in New Zealand.  Photo by R. Gray

A perfect “Hundreds and Thousands” day in New Zealand. Photo by R. Gray