Today I was at the Saturday Penticton Market.  It is big and busy, the usual people watcher’s paradise.  The market is always great.  There is always much to do and explore.  Hooked-on-Books, our independent bookstore that encourages local authors to flog their books, is also great.   But for me today was especially good.

I talked to many people–parents worried about their anxious children, teachers from Vancouver and the States who teach about bullying.  But two meetings particularly stand out.  A young teen shyly approached me saying how much he enjoyed No More Dragons.  I was thrilled.  Then later a teacher from the school in Keremeos came up to me as well.  I had presented to his class in the spring for Raise-a-Reader.  The students, he said, enjoyed the book and for weeks after he referred to ideas and suggestions I had made about writing.  I was also thrilled.

Experiences like this–even just a few–make the solo act of writing and presenting worth while.

Thank you.

And to all of you students and teachers in the coming year, cheer and challenge yourselves.  For that’s what it’s about.