I have been trying to read Margaret Macmillan’s “Paris 1919”.  This is a huge and difficult book for me because of the detail and large caste of characters.  What is also difficult is reading about the competition amongst world leaders for their own personal gain.  The book is about the rich and the powerful and how they shaped our lives.

Has it changed?  I assume not.  Are the few rich and powerful interested in us?  I assume not.  And are they still interested in personal gain.  I assume so.  Why is their way always the right way?  There is no one right way.

I believe that most of us want the same things–to live in peace and harmony with our neighbour, to have important work to do, to raise and feed our families and have empathy for others.  Do we really wish to emulate the rich and powerful?

Perhaps if we read Iain Lawrence’s “Lord of the Nutcracker Men,” a junior fiction novel about the effects of WWI on the life of one small boy and those around him, we would glorify less the rich and powerful.

Perhaps not.  But try it.

Try peace.